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QMHW – Guest Interviewee

Des Whybird enjoyed a 38 year with GHD, from a graduate civil engineer in 1973 when the engineering and construction industry was completely male dominated, to become its CEO and then Chairman in the 2000s, experiencing considerable change in the industry and workplace. Des has served on the committee of Tattersall’s Club for 15 years, and its President from 2014 to 2017.

He is currently Deputy-Chairperson of the Ipswich Grammar School, Chairman of a private company Ultra Aquatic Technology Pty Ltd, and a Director of Rural and Remote Mental Health.

Des and Sharon have been married for 44 years, have two daughters, a son and two granddaughters.

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QMHW – Guest Interviewee

Kari Sutton is an educator, speaker and author who has helped over 25,000 children, parents, and educators with evidence‐ based strategies, tools and approaches to foster children’s positive mental health.

She deconstructs the research, so you don’t have to and provides practical, easy to use tools and strategies that plant the seeds of resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental fitness in our children. She is launching her second book “Raising a Mentally Fit Generation” in late 2020.

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QMHW – Guest Interviewee

Dr. Scott Allison – General Practitioner

Dr Scott Allison graduated Medical School at the University of Queensland in 2011. Before becoming a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners he completed his residency at Princess Alexandra Hospital. Dr Allison has worked in a variety of areas including dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopaedics, emergency medicine, cardiology and infectious diseases. He then undertook two years of
Emergency Medicine specialist training before moving into General Practice. Dr. Allison has previously been awarded the RACGP Queensland Registrar of the Year and has been the recipient of several grants to present his research internationally. Dr. Allison is a Medical Officer Reservist in the Australian Army and a Senior Lecturer for UQ School of Medicine. Dr Allison’s interests include men’s health and sexual health, sports medicine, travel medicine, skin cancer and dermatology.

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QMHW – Guest Speaker

Melissa Marsden is a Workplace Dynamics Strategist who works with corporates & professional services firms to create physical environments that drive high performance teams.

Mel believes that our environments have the opportunity to positively influence our behaviour and performance at work.

Mel has enabled her clients to realise not only substantial financial business profits, but also shift employee and business mindsets from slow, stagnant operations to agile and flexible environments, enabling them to swiftly adopt new business opportunities and streams, whilst establishing a premium level employee experience.

Mel’s business acumen has been recognised by AIM and Telstra Business Women’s Awards for her leadership and transformational business strategy process.

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QMHW – Guest Speaker

Andrea Anderson is the Chief Ideas Specialist and Founder of Your Marketing Machine. She is a passionate advocate for business entrepreneurship, transforming organisations from Good to Amazing!

Utilising the Marketing Blueprint, this is the basis of our strategic development, seeking clearly defined pathways for marketing expertise to build with success.

We work with all business entities from start up to growth and expansion. Fundamentally, we define the best fit-for-purpose solution to move from chaos to control. With more than 25 years working within hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, human resources and labour hire, marketing and business services, there is always a solution for a business.

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QMHW – Host and Guest Speaker

Dr Meg Hooper is a registered psychologist with a PhD in Organisational Psychology. She is the Director of Carousel Consulting, an organisational change consultancy with a team of psychologists helping clients solve people related challenges.

Meg believes everyone has a right to love their work. Her purpose is to support working humans to flourish. Meg uses her expertise to support organisations to do change well, help individuals and teams create a strong identity and sense of purpose and more resilient patterns of behaviour, and support organisations to create powerful and positive cultures.

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QMHW – Host

The Founder of Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC), Amanda continues to provide a space for women to come together to learn, connect and share while leading the growth of the construction industry.

Amanda has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry in estimating & procurement and project management. Her support, advocacy and education of women in the construction industry is a strong focus.

Having left the corporate world late 2019 to focus on positioning AWIC as a leading influence for women the construction industry, she is consulting in the areas of estimating, procurement, project management, grants and tenders.

“What began as simply an idea has grown beyond what I originally envisioned and AWIC now has an advisory board in place to ensure we become increasingly visible advocates for Women in Construction. I am incredibly proud and excited for the future of AWIC.” Amanda Bulow, Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC) Founder.

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QMHW – Guest Speaker

Ally Kelly is the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Mind Blank Ltd. A charity set up to aim to reduce the risk of suicide through interactive theatre in schools and communities. She has led the organisation through nine years of service. In 2017 her efforts were recognised in winning the Mental Health Matters Award for Mental Health Promotion, and in 2019 she was presented with the Mental Health Services Award for Mental Illness Prevention.

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QMHW – Guest Speaker

Dr Peta Lilley is a Clinical Psychologist and the proud CEO and founder of Lilley Place – providers of exceptional psychology services across the lifespan. Peta has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Queensland.

Peta is passionate about promoting resilience and self-esteem as well as empowering all clients to feel better and be the best versions of themselves. The ongoing work with individual clients continues to fulfil her desire of helping the community feel better. Peta also provides supervision for psychologists undergoing post-graduate training in Clinical Psychology and for Clinical Psychology registrars. Peta is also dedicated to supporting and training her colleagues at Lilley Place, as well as getting out in the wider community to deliver information sessions, workshops and presentations.

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