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QMHW – Host and Guest Speaker

Dr Meg Hooper is a registered psychologist with a PhD in Organisational Psychology. She is the Director of Carousel Consulting, an organisational change consultancy with a team of psychologists helping clients solve people related challenges.

Meg believes everyone has a right to love their work. Her purpose is to support working humans to flourish. Meg uses her expertise to support organisations to do change well, help individuals and teams create a strong identity and sense of purpose and more resilient patterns of behaviour, and support organisations to create powerful and positive cultures.

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QMHW – Host

The Founder of Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC), Amanda continues to provide a space for women to come together to learn, connect and share while leading the growth of the construction industry.

Amanda has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry in estimating & procurement and project management. Her support, advocacy and education of women in the construction industry is a strong focus.

Having left the corporate world late 2019 to focus on positioning AWIC as a leading influence for women the construction industry, she is consulting in the areas of estimating, procurement, project management, grants and tenders.

“What began as simply an idea has grown beyond what I originally envisioned and AWIC now has an advisory board in place to ensure we become increasingly visible advocates for Women in Construction. I am incredibly proud and excited for the future of AWIC.” Amanda Bulow, Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC) Founder.

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