Roof Tiler

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • $55,000 - $110,000 AUD / Year

Roof Tilers cover roofs with tiles, sheets and shingles to form a waterproof surface. Job Tasks you will learn: Studying drawings, specifications and work sites to determine materials required. Erecting ladders and scaffolds. Placing and securing waterproof sheets over eaves. Nailing and stapling roofing underlay to roofs. Aligning starter rows of roofing material with edges of roofs, securing with wire, staples and nails, and overlapping successive layers of tiles. Sizing and cutting roofing material to fit around vents, chimney edges, corners and ridges. Fixing edge and ridge tiles in cement mortar. Slipping roofing material under pre-fabricated flashing and nailing it down. Caulking and flashing exposed nail heads to prevent leaks.

Credit : Labour Market Insights