• Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • $50,000 - $90,000 AUD / Year

Builder’s Labourers perform routine tasks in erecting and repairing structures and facilities on building and construction sites and in factories producing prefabricated building components. Loads and unloads building and construction materials, tools and equipment and transports them around building sites. Erects and dismantles temporary structures such as barricades and scaffolding. Mixes, pours and spreads materials such as concrete, plaster and mortar. Spreads and levels soil, gravel and sand on roads and driveways, trench bottoms and similar locations. Assists with assembling and installing piping, valves and fittings. Assists with installing fixtures such as toilets, wash basins and sprinkler systems. Digs holes and shovels excavated material onto trucks for removal.

Credit : Labour Market Insights