Guidance, Navigation and Control Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • $48,000 - $80,000 AUD / Year

As a GNC Engineer, you will be responsible for designing algorithms and implementing flight-critical software for rocket systems. Through collaborating with a talented team, you will develop, analyse, test, and operate various systems. You will be responsible for documentation and communicating across teams to ensure duties are performed in an efficient and timely manner whilst adhering to policies and procedures.

Develop innovative Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) systems. Support flight software qualification testing.
1. Perform testing and analysis of GNC software, including hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) testing, Monte Carlo analysis and integration testing and unit testing.
2. Assist in developing verification and validation procedures to ensure software products will meet system and subsystem requirements.
3. Participate in multi-disciplinary trade-study investigations and design studies that define system requirements and architectures.
4. Develop 6-DOF dynamics simulation models used for GNC systems analysis and validation.
5. Analyse trajectories, flight stability and performance dispersions.

Skills & Experience:
Proficient in MATLAB, SIMULINK, and C++ software development.
Demonstrated experience with developing and tuning GNC algorithms.
Experience with control systems, orbital mechanics, classical dynamics, aerodynamics, sensors and actuators, modelling, and simulation.
Ability to solve complex problems with little to no supervision, as an individual or as a member of an integrated team.
Excellent technical writing and verbal communication skills.

Study Pathway:
Bachelor’s (B.S.) degree in Mechanical, Electrical, or Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineering or relevant STEM degree.