Crane Operator

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • $55,000 - $110,000 AUD / Year

Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators operate stationary and mobile cranes, hoists, lifts and winches to lift, move and place materials, equipment and people in areas such as building sites, factories, mines, sawmills, wharves and shipyards. Specialisations include: Chairlift Operator, Cherry Picker Operator, Elevated Work Platform Operator, Pile Driver, Portainer Operator, Tower Crane Operator, Winch Operator. Responsibilities may include: operating controls to rotate cranes, move cranes on fixed rails, raise and lower jibs and booms, and raise, lower and move hooks and objects. May operate cranes fitted with attachments for purposes such as demolition and pile driving.

Credit : Labour Market Insights