Congratulations!  You've just taken the first step to being a more Confident Woman in Construction!
I am thrilled you have taken the next step to join us in creating a wave of more Confident Women in Construction.

Right now we need more than simply connection and support; we need the SKILLS and the FRAMEWORKS that will help all of us navigate an increasingly stressed industry.

At AWIC we believe the future of construction is female, and we can't wait to help you prove this to be true.

Keep an  eye on your inbox for your confirmation and more details - and trust me, we cannot wait to see you step into your personal power - and an incredible future as a Confident Woman in Construction.

Amanda x
Where is it?

This is all online - but don't worry we will be more than talking heads on a webinar screen : )  Our live sessions will be held via the Zoom platform and all of your modules (videos, workbooks, resources) together with recordings of the live sessions will be hosted in Kajabi.  Quick Reference Guides to help you find your away around both if you don't already use them will be made available to you before we start.  And we will be sending your log in details for Kajabi one week prior to the course commencing in February. 

Do I have to be at all sessions live? 
We get it; life and work get in the way of our best laid plans.  Confident Women in Construction is for you and we believe you will get the most value by protecting your time and turning up live - not only to learn and ask questions, but also because it creates a deeper connection with the other women who will be doing the course with you.  We do understand you may not be able to make every session and this is why we will record the live sessions and make them available via Kajabi. 
I love Netflix...Can I binge watch the entire course? 
WE LOVE NETFLIX TOO!!! But the short answer is no : ). The course has been deliberately layered to create foundations and make each step and learning point achievable.  You can go back and re-watch / re-do anything you want - but we won't be letting you race ahead, in case you miss the best parts. 
A quick explanation of your billing and receipts
AWIC is delivering the Confident Women in Construction course under licence from Any Given T Pty Ltd; as part of the collaboration they are managing all of the administration and marketing to ensure AWIC's resources are not stretched too far.  This means your invoices, receipts and credit card payments will show Any Given T Pty Ltd.  There will be contact details on that for you to reach out to their team directly should you have any questions. 
I have another question. Can you help me?
Sure! Feel free to email me (Amanda) directly at for any other questions you might have and we will make sure someone in the team comes back to you

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