Friday 6th October 2023
The Greek Club, South Brisbane from 5:30pm

These awards provided the platform for all awesome women in construction to be recognised for the contribution they make to this industry every single day. They also recognised the men and businesses who support women working within the industry.

All our 2023 nominees demonstrated an incredible work ethic, advocacy for women, and are forging inspiring careers in the construction industry as role models for the next generation.


Tochau Nguyen

Buildsafe Group

The Professional Woman of the Year demonstrates exemplary leadership, expertise, and innovation, driving positive change in the industry. They actively promote diversity and inclusion, serving as mentors for aspiring professionals, shaping the future of construction.

Sponsored by: James Hardie AU

Linn Batey

Nyblad Construction

Celebrating women specialising in the world of trade, from carpentry to painting, electrical and more.

Sponsored by: Austworld

Angela Hucker

Empowering People in Construction (EPIC)

This is an individual who has made an exceptional contribution and remarkable accomplishment to the construction industry.

Sponsored by: Ganden Engineering

Maddison Shearwin

As the future of our industry, Apprentice Young Achiever is a young leader that demonstrates a commitment to their work, and passion for the industry as they complete their apprenticeship.
Candidates must be 16-24 years of age and undertaking an Australian approved apprenticeship.

Sponsored by: Construction Skills Queensland

Zyta Stewart

Ergon Energy

Intern/Trainee Young Achiever is a young leader that demonstrates a commitment to their work, and passion for the industry as they complete their training.

Candidates must be 16-24 years of age and undertaking an Australian approved traineeship or recognised internship program.

Sponsored by: Mas National

Ruby Harrison

National Institute of Construction Skills

Young Achiever is at the beginning of their journey and already showing signs of greatness with their attitude and their newly developing skills. Candidates must be 16-24 years of age.

Sponsored by: Kickass Women

Fiona Holmstrom

STEM Punks

Achievement in STEM nominees have provided assistance or development to the STEM fields in an innovative way that is expanding the opportunities for women in construction.

Sponsored by: Office of Industrial Relations

O’Shea and Sons Builders

The employer of choice is a company that has their focus on the future and the present. Their people are the present asset to create that bright future. With diversity, opportunity and development as core values they are an ideal environment to not only work, but flourish as an individual.

Sponsored by: MEKA Recruitment

Linn Batey

Nyblad Construction

A leader in small business that is the beating heart of their operation. An exceptional manager who demonstrates their ability to pivot, lead and follow through to ensure their team and customers succeed. Those eligible will be in small business (Under 15 employees).

Sponsored by: Fleetcrew

Sophie Proud

By Pilgrim

The ones who support effectively, always having their finger on the pulse in a fast-paced environment alongside their Executive Director. The genius behind the scenes.

Sponsored by: Office 2 Site

Rebecca Astin

Bunnings Warehouse Australia

Our candidates have the runs of the board and relationships to be proud of. Exceptional sales are high performers AND amazing human beings who care about how their company does business and finding creative ways of delivering results in an ever-changing market.

Sponsored by: ROBAM

Christopher Murgia

West to West Group

AWIC’s advocate of change is a man who is actively bringing about change in their sphere of influence in construction. They are passionate about their cause of gender equity in construction and use their influence to create positive change. They may also be involved in lobbying, organising events, and leading campaigns to bring about the desired change.

Sponsored by: John Deer

FDC Group

Every day, women are impacted by systemic issues like inequitable workplace culture, wage theft, sexual harassment and precarious work. These candidates have shown a commitment to systematic change in addressing the issues of weekends welfare in the workplace.

Sponsored by: Women Building Australia

Claire Perham

Axiom Construction Group

AWIC Awesome Woman of the Year has runs on the board, across the board! Her conduct, professional relationships, reputation, commercial activity, industry leadership, and social conscience are all factors in her nomination.

Sponsored by: Moore Australia

Kim Allen

CRA Construction

Sponsored by: Awesome Women in Construction


2023 AWIC Awards Diamond Sponsor

“We believe by strengthening the diversity of our workforce, we can give everyone their chance to leap forward.”

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