About AWIC

Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to women working across Australia’s construction industry.

We advocate against discrimination, educate the next generation and amplify the voices of women in construction.

In 2017, founder and CEO Amanda Bulow launched AWIC with the desire to connect and support other women in the construction sector.

“Inspired by experiences women in the industry have faced, I founded Awesome Women in Construction with the goal of creating a supportive, like-minded community of women to empower and uplift each other”.”

Amanda Bulow, Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC) Founder.

Six years on and now with a growing membership and active partnership support, AWIC has connected hundreds of awesome women across the construction industry, with our AWIC Awards, International Women’s Day Lunch, AWIC Annual Golf Day and monthly networking events across southeast Queensland.
Our members enjoy a range of awesome benefits including online resources and support, members only events, early ticket sales and VIP discounts to events, exclusive offers on services and products through our corporate partners and more!

2022 has seen AWIC reach new heights, with our inaugural AWIC Awards, a partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the launch of our first app, Be Ready, and an expansion into North Queensland.

The future is exciting and bright as more women take up roles across the construction industry and become our leaders of tomorrow.


The AWIC advisory board and committee have collectively been working for the construction industry for over 80 years and have a broad skill set including breaking down barriers, stereotypes and breaking ‘the glass ceiling’.

They have all led their own teams providing encouragement to women to step away or outside of what is expected and create their own path. They have provided mentoring, leadership and development to internal and external teams.


“What began as simply an idea has grown beyond what I originally envisioned and AWIC now has an advisory board in place to ensure we become increasingly visible advocates for Women in Construction. I am incredibly proud and excited for the future of AWIC.”

Amanda Bulow, Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC) Founder.

AWIC Board Members

Amanda Bulow - Founder & Chariperson
Amanda Bulow
Kathy Thorpe - Secretary
Kathy Pennington
Kerry Bebendorf - Treasurer
Kerry Bebendorf
Renee Commins - Major Events Committee
Renee Commins

AWIC Committee Members

Amanda Beatty - Membership Committee
Membership Committee
Amanda Beatty
Renee Commins - Major Events Committee
Major Events
Renee Commins
Kristina Charchalis - Gold Coast Events Committee
Gold Coast Events
Kristina Charchalis
Emma Richards - Sunshine Coast Events
Sunshine Coast Events
Emma Richards

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